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Teacher Training
Teaching is a profession that by definition requires continuous learning.  I have found that the best teachers are those who are constantly seeking opportunities to support their own professional development.  Some of my recent research, learning and interests include Understanding by Design, Differentiated Instruction, Six Trait Writing, Generational Differences, Resiliency and Cognitive Diversity.  Examples can be found at the video link .

I annually present at a variety conferences around the country and have also traveled internationally. I am available to lead workshops/trainings for administrators, counselors, parents, teacher and students. The sessions can vary from 90 minutes to multiple day workshops.
Honoring Cognitive Diversity in Our Classrooms
Some of the most significant differences that exist within our students are invisible to the naked eye. Furthermore, the complex neurological profiles present in classes are often misunderstood or overlooked by the misguided lens of “normal.” This session will highlight these profiles as well as present classroom techniques to honor cognitive diversity using a strength-base, empowerment model. The goals of this workshop include: audience members will learn specific classroom management and instructional strategies to create a successful learning environment for students with labels that included: Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, non-verbal learning disorders, and other pervasive developmental disorders. 
Planning 101: Understanding by Design
Based on the excellent resources of the Professional Development Workbook (McTighe & Wiggens: ASCD) and Integrating Differentiated Instruction + Understanding by Design (Tomlinson & McTighe ASCD), this training prepares teachers to backward plan using the UbD template. Whether for daily lessons, unit/course planning or curriculum, this training has been incredibly popular and rewarding for teachers.

So All May Learn: Differentiated Instruction
Since long before the term DI was popularized, differentiating instruction for students has been a core value and everyday practice at Denver Academy. Combining the work of Atul Gawande's Checklist Manifesto and Carol Ann Tomlinson's publications on differentiated instruction, this training provides clear examples, simple applications and a solid rationale for teachers to start taking steps toward purposefully differentiating instruction in their classrooms. Both an introductory and advanced training are available.

Generational Differences: Understanding the Millennials
We are in a unique time in our places of work, and specifically schools, in that for the first time in history there are currently four different generations working side-by-side. Synthesizing the work Lynne Lancaster and David Stillman, this training focuses on understanding the Millennials by first examining our own place in the generational strata. This workshop has been presented in both educational and business environments.

A Vision For Teaching and Assessing Writing: Six Traits
What is good writing? More importantly, how can we teach it effectively and assess writing efficiently? The model of Six Traits is the vision and answer to these questions. This workshop can be facilitated during an introductory 90 minute format or half day/full day workshop depending on the level of detail and practice desired.
The Power of Attention: Understanding the Challenges of Attention Controls
Using the work of Levine, Dweck & Brooks, this workshop focuses on understanding the challenges of attention control as well as specific strategies that can be immediately implemented to help foster resilient relationships with students in classroom or mentoring environments.
Deep Learning in Chaco Canyon: Processing That Persists
This workshop is the culmination of research on learning & related experiences of leading an experiential trip to Chaco Culture National Historic Park since 1997.  This workshop captures both the practical and theoretical highlights that we believe makes experiential learning such a powerful and successful learning experience for students.  We are extremely honored to have been invited to the 38th Annual International Association for Experiential Education Conference to present this workshop.
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