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Teaching Math
This session, Teaching Math, is a combination of three big ideas that I have researched, studied and practiced while exploring best practices for diverse learners in mathematics. As many others have found, what is an effective practice for diverse learners, is often effective and helpful practice for all students:
1. Executive Functioning: Teaching students explicitly about the important role that executive functioning plays in learning. This needs to be accompanied by a curriculum that supports the application & skill development of executive functioning: Checking, Remembering, Organizing, Prioritizing & Shifting (CROPS). This is too often done implicitly or assumed that it is already automatic when it is not.
2. Four Basic Instructional Domains in Mathematics: A balanced & developmentally appropriate approach to the four core instructional domains of mathematics: conceptual understanding, declarative knowledge, procedural knowledge & problem-solving.
3. Projects & Journals: The power of authentic problem-solving & creative design thinking for our students via project-based learning is critical for engagement and deep processing. This includes multiple intelligences, differentiated instruction & creativity.
The video, How Are You Smart, is embedded below; DVDs are also available upon request.
Philippe Ernewein
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