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PechaKucha: So All May Learn - The Legal Arc of Inclusion
I was invited to present at the 2020 National Association of Independent Schools Conference following the format of PechaKucha.
From the conference program, "NAIS has adapted the exciting, quickfire format of popular PechaKucha presentations for the Annual Conference stage. Each presenter must adhere to the 20x20 rule: 20 slides that advance automatically, at 20 seconds per slide. Presentations can be funny, sad, informative, inspirational - but what they must all be is concise and visual."
The description of my talk, "We need to know the story of education in America; otherwise, the narrative of the fight for equity and justice will be told by others."

Proposal: So All May Learn - The Legal Arc of Inclusion

PechaKucha Presentation Proposal by Philippe Ernewein, Denver Academy​

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