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So All May Learn: Differentiated Instruction

Since long before the term DI was popularized, differentiating instruction for students has been a core value and everyday practice at Denver Academy. Combining the work of Atul Gawande's Checklist Manifesto and Carol Ann Tomlinson's publications on differentiated instruction, this training provides clear examples, simple applications and a solid rationale for teachers to start taking steps toward purposefully differentiating instruction in their classrooms. 


How Are You Smart?: What Students Are Teaching Us About Learning

A Film by Philippe Ernewein


"HOW ARE YOU SMART? is a remarkable film that can be used to assist teachers, parents and students In gaining a deeper understanding of the daily challenges faced by kids with Attentional Disorders. By putting a human face on A.D.D., the film enables the viewer to see through the eyes of kids who struggle in school.

The "featured players" in the film are a group of charismatic high school students who tell first-person anecdotes that explain ADHD far more effectively than the 'talking head' professionals that are traditionally used in such films. 

HOW ARE YOU SMART? offers invaluable insights into ADHD and also provides specific strategies that teachers can use to enable students to reach their fullest potential.  Join these remarkable kids and their talented teacher in an exploration of the puzzling disorder that can compromise and complicate a child's progress at home and in the classroom."


Richard D Lavoie
Author, The Motivation Breakthrough and It's So Much Work to be Your Friend
Executive Producer, The F.A.T. City video

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