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Attention and Memory: Critical Players in the Digital Age

Philippe Ernewein, Director of Education, Denver Academy

Before we can understand the impact of the digital age on learning, we must first have a strong foundational understanding of two core components of learning: attention & memory. This session will provide definitions, framework & strategies.


Do Now: 2 parts


#1: Write down a question you want to be answered during the session on the note card that was handed to you. Turn it in.


#2: In your notes/journal, list a strategy you are currently using to support memory/attention. Also, list the factors that you think interfere with your child's/student's memory/attention.



Guiding Question & Enduring Understanding

Essential Question: What role do attention and memory play in learning?


Enduring Understanding: Attention and memory are critical players in learning and understanding the components of each can inform how we can better teach & parent.



Parent Resource Kit

Memory Strategies

Attention Strategies

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