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Attention and Memory: Critical Players in the Digital Age

Philippe Ernewein, Director of Education, Denver Academy

Jenni Ernewein, Literacy Specialist, St. Anne's Episcopal School


Before we can understand the impact of the digital age on learning, we must first have a strong foundational understanding of two core components of learning: attention & memory. This session will provide definitions, framework & strategies.


Do Now: 2 parts


#1: Write down a question you want to be answered during the session on the note card that was handed to you. Turn it in.


#2: In your notes/journal, list a strategy you are currently using to support memory/attention. Also, list the factors that you think interfere with your child's/student's memory/attention.



Guiding Question & Enduring Understanding

Essential Question: What role do attention and memory play in learning?


Enduring Understanding: Attention and memory are critical players in learning and understanding the components of each can inform how we can better teach & parent.



Parent Resource Kit

Memory Strategies

Attention Strategies

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