AS IS: for Wolfie, no more

By Philippe Ernewein


We are fans of your father’s music,

disciples of the first six + A Different Kind of Truth.

We know every note & lyric,

and occasionally Hagar, on the radio,

but we call that Van Hagar, you know this.

It is still EVH, yeah - all of it. 


Appreciated now more than ever.


We are from McDonalds and Tasty Freeze parking lots,

blasting the mighty VH from our parents’ cars,

and blowing out the speakers.

We are from under the bleachers & the back of the bus,

playing Diver Down on the Boombox - getting the bus driver into it

because he says, hey, that’s an old Roy Orbison song.


We wore our t-shirts the day after the show.


We thought Eruption was at least 2 guitar players when our older brother or sister

played VH I on our dad’s sound system - no, that’s just one player: your dad.


We smoked ‘em if we had ‘em. We lit our lighters before cell phone flashlights.


We know the day you were born & privately thought about the weight of the name.

We know you started on drums & learned guitar to play at your school’s talent show.


We were initially confused about taking Michael Anthony’s spot, 

but those who paid attention understand now.


I am one of those, of the collective “we” that I mentioned previously.

I’ll move to “I” now, & hope others will agree.


Your album arrived today

And it is bold, honest, powerful & carefully crafted.

Every sound from you - bold indeed.

Bold as love. It rocks rock & roll perfection.


These are your days

& I am with you Mr. Wolf.

Definitely no longer Wolfie.

Thank you.